Sinukwan Festival(1st-2nd week of December) – Another December festival that is celebrated in San Fernando is the Sinukwan Festival in honor of the ancient mythical god Aring Sinukwan. The Sinukwan Festival remembers the Kapampangan spirit with a week-long calendar of cultural revivals capped by a grand street-dance parade in the streets of San Fernando. It’s annually organized by the Save Pampanga Movement, the festival memorializes Aring Sinukwan (King Sinukwan), god of ancient Kapampangans. This festival is a celebration of everything Kapampangan, from food to culture to dances. This is the festival that truly defines Pampanga because as mentioned, it is a celebration of everything Kapampangan and with all the fusion of cultures, colors, tastes, and sounds, you get to see Pampanga and the best of it all in one festival.

Photo: Alvin Reyes Mendoza

Location: City of San Fernando, Pampanga