D’Heights Resort is not only the country’s largest integrated casino resort, it is so much more. Encompassing 309 hectares of sprawling land that spread over the mountain ranges set to the west of the Clark Freeport Zone; te resort at its highest point, sits at 350meters above sea level resulting in acooler, cleaner and fresher environment.

The Hilton, the first of several hotels to open its doors in the resort offers over 310 luxurious well- appointed rooms; to match its premier brand, The Hilton also offer a wide array of gastronomic and leisure facilities. Here is where the resort’s casino is located. The casino is equipped with a diverse selection of electronic gaming machines and table gamesspread over 4 floors of gaming areas.

Your vacation with us can become permanent as well if you so desire; A wide selection of residential properties, from studio apartments to 5-bedroom villas are located within the confines of the resort.

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DHeightsClark/

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