Since the 1970s, Moalboal has developed a tourism industry based on recreational diving and beaches. Panagsama Beach is where most resorts and restaurants are established. Further north on the peninsula, in Saavedra, is White Beach (Basdako), a two-kilometre (1.2 mi) beach which still has sand. This beach used to be quiet and mostly frequented by locals, but has developed a thriving tourist trade.

In Moalboal most tourists stay at either Panagsama Beach (Basdiot) or White Beach (Basdako), known for its beautiful sandy beach both located 3–5 kilometres (1.9–3.1 mi) away from the bus stop in Moalboal. It is easy to find transportation from the bus stop to either beach.

There is plenty of accommodation near either beach, although Panagsama & Basdiot is most recommended as this area has the most bars, restaurants, people and dive shops. Since the resorts in the area cater mostly to divers, entertainment is laid back and more of a chilled out pub-style atmosphere.

Recreational diving is the main tourist activity in Moalboal, and is considered very good, even by Philippine standards. The reefs along the west coast of the Copton peninsula are home to a great variety of marine life. Pescador Island, about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) off the coast, is the most popular dive spot with an underwater cave called the Cathedral. The structure of the reef that follows the entire coast line has made the place ideal for scuba-diving, snorkeling and freediving. Divers can enjoy easy access to the reef since the drop-off is shallow and close to shore but drops down to more than 40 metres (130 ft). Turtles are often seen very close to the shore line especially at Tonggo Point. It is know to be a sanctuary for sea turtles. Sea turtles fly like angels in the sea; swim with them around in their natural habitat. Just a gentle reminder never touch marine life and respect their environment.

The pride of Moalboal would be the famous Sardine Run. Catch a plethora of sardines dancing around the moment you hit the water. A visually stunning display of light and shape is provided by the sardine ball, hundreds of thousands of sardines that gather on the reef situated at Panagsama area. It is not far from the shore and the terrain drop off dramatically into an abyss which is a favorite of all divers

The town of Moalboal is a great base for other adrenaline rush activities like Canyoneering in Badian, which is found within 20 kilometres (12 mi) away from Moalboal. A 3-hour canyoning trekking adventure starts from Matutinao ends at the Kawasan falls. It is one of the many tours offered to young individuals and to the young at heart. For the slow-paced tourists, a relaxing 15 minute stroll to the Kawasan falls is enough for a day’s activity. To add, adventurists should not miss a day trip to Oslob to swim with whalesharks is a once in a lifetime experience. If you finished all activities south of Cebu, you can take a ferry to Dumaguete and proceed from there for more adventures. Wikipedia

Photo Sardine Run: Bernard Supetran

Photo Panagsama Beach: Dolla Lot



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