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Benefits Adding Your Travel & Tourism-related business in our Directory

Greater visibility

It is important to be visible when customers are searching for your products & services online.

More Leads & Customers

With increase in visibility, you improve your chances in generating new leads for your business by attracting potential customers.

Increase Sales

More Visibility means more leads. 

More Leads can result to more Sales.

More Sales means more Profits.

More Profits equals Successful Business.

Why choose Directory.travelthephilippines.ph Website ?

  • If you want your business to be found, you need to be where your customers are searching and that is increasingly online. Your customers need to find you anywhere, at any time, and on the directory.travelthephilippines.ph Website, your business details are available 24/7.
  • Getting listed on directory.travelthephilippines.ph Website makes it easier for your business to be found by potential customers searching online. Your business gets an online listing which includes your contact details, interactive map, information about your products and services, images and even ratings and reviews from your customers.

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You will find out that your business is growing as a direct result of your relationship with Philippines Business Directory. We offer an integrated approach to online marketing for businesses in Philippines. The website allows visitors to review and recommend businesses and products that they have used. BusinessList.ph is an easy way for your business to connect with more customers.


1 entry with 1-5 days approval
1 item entry
All features
1-5 days approval
no protection from deletion on database clean up


1 entry will be featured for 3 months.
50 USD
1 item entry
All features + 3 months featured items
auto approval item
2 years protection from deletion


up to 2 entries will be featured for 6 months
99 USD
2 items entry
All features + 6 months featured items
auto approval item(s)
2.5 years protection from deletion

FAQFrequently asked question

What is the difference between All features and Featured Listing?

All features – is an option that allow users from package use features

Featured Listing / Item – all items from package are marked as featured on the frontend and they will always on the top on search page result.

Packages & Features


Pricing Price: free Price: 50 USD Price: 99 USD Price:199 USD
  Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
Auto approve item
Auto approve edited item
Featured Items 3 months 6 months 18 months
Features Option
Maximum Items 1 1 2 10
Opening Hours
Social Icons

Entry Validity & Protection from deletion

1 year 2 years (starts after plan expires) 2.5 years (starts after plan expires) 3 years (starts after plan expires)
Pricing: Term: 3 months Term: 6 months Term: 18 months

Price: free

Price: 50 USD

Price: 99 USD

Price: 199 USD

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Feature Definition

Auto approve item – no need for admin approval new Item before it is visible for public

Auto approve edited item – no need for admin approval for edited Item before it is visible for public

Featured items – all items from package are marked as featured on the frontend

Features Option – allow users from package use features

Maximum Items – maximum number of Items which user from package can create

Expiration Limit – time limit in days while package is active for user

Content (Editor) – allow users from package use main content editor

Content (Media) – allow users from package use media to insert images into content

Excerpt – allow users from package use excerpt field to write short description of item displayed in the lists of items on frontend

Image – allow users from package use main image which represent item on the frontend lists and map

Comments – allow users from package use comments for item

Address – allow users from package use address fields

Telephone – allow users from package use telephone

Email – allow users from package use email input and other related options like contact owner button or hiding of email on frontend

Web – allow users from package use web address

Opening Hours – allow users from package use opening hours section

Social Icons – allow users from package use social icons section

Gallery – allow users from package use gallery

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

What will happen to my items when my Paid account (standard/premium) expires?

when your Purchased Plan account expires, your item(s) will still remain in our database and still shows up in the search result page (same as free account). all your entries in your item will remain (pictures, gallery, info....)

in short, all your entries on your item(s) after your account expires will remain and available in our server for 2-3 years, depending on the purchased plan.

what will going to happen is:

  • your item will no longer marked as featured on the frontend, no longer on the top list
  • lose your ability to Update (edit/modify) your items with special features
  • or your editing ability is limited (same options of free account)
  • can no longer add more items with special features
  • your entry(ies) are possible to be deleted after 2-3years, depends on the purchased plan.

My category and location is not in the list, how to add one?

We do want to maintain the exclusivity of this Directory listing site for Travel & Tourism-related establishments and facilities only. Adding Locations and Categories is moderated. Email admin for  Category or Location you want to be added at inquiry@knowphilippines.com. Make sure you use your registered email account for inquiring. Thank you

How Long Is the Business Listing entry stays? Or why do you delete listing after it exceeds the duration time?

This Travel & Tourism Directory is dedicated to be a hub of Attractions in the Philippines. We give opportunities for Tourism-Related Private establishments to increase exposure and leads. But we need to maintain the Category Attraction to standout in the Embedded Map and keep the database stable by regulating entries.

FREE listings or FREE Tourism-related establishments entries are valid for One year. And we reserve the rights to remove all FREE listings as see fit.

Featured listings are 2-3 years protected from deletion, depends on the purchased plan.

Please check the pricing table for details by clicking here.

Register Your Travel & Tourism-related Company into Our Database

Local business listings play an important role in SEO. When an user is searching with a local intent, like “hotel in clark”, search engines populate results from local directories. If you have incorrect details in your local listing or worse, if you haven’t claimed your listing at all, there’s a good chance that the user will not find the information about your business that he wanted.

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